When people think about cruise destinations, some of the more common ports typically come to mind. For example, countries around the Carribean, Mediterranean cities, and some other exotic island getaways are generally assumed to comprise the entirety of the cruise industry. While these popular destinations seem to get the most traffic, there are some surprising routes which you may never have considered being available. If you're looking for a unique and unforgettable cruise vacation, look no further. Here are some of the most remote cruise destinations in the world.
Despite its title as the largest island in the world, not much is known about Greenland in pop-culture. Due to the country's remote location and difficult living conditions, Greeland's natural landscapes have remained untouched and unchanged for some time. Cruises along the coast of this magnificent country take passenger to see ancient glaciers, majestic fjords, snow-capped mountain ranges, and more. Passengers even have the opportunity to learn more about the Inuit cultures that inhabit Greenland by visiting their settlements and participating in some ancient traditions. Cruises to Greenland depart from Iceland and last a little over two weeks.
Aleutian Islands
Although Alaska itself doesn't qualify as an uncommon cruise destination, some of it's more remote islands certainly fit the bill. The Aleutian Islands make up a large archipelago off the western coast of Alaska with 14 volcanic islands and some 50+ smaller islands. Cruises to the Aleutian Islands tend to include stops along more accessible Alaskan ports before heading out to the archipelago through the Bering Sea. Passengers will have an opportunity to see historic towns, deserted islands, distinct wildlife, and remote ports during the cruise. Dutch Harbor, a well-known port made famous by the show Deadliest Catch, is also a stop on most cruises to the Aleutian Islands.
Roughly two-thirds of this Norwegian archipelago is designated as a nature reserve or national park due to it's relatively untouched and remote landscapes. Svalbard has been used as a base for whaling and coal mining in the past, but it is now receiving international attention for its active and large polar bear population. Similar to other remote islands on this list, passengers can only access these islands via expedition cruises. Many enthusiasts opt to for a short cruise trip to see polar bears, seals, puffins, reindeer, walruses, and other Arctic wildlife in action. Some excursions take passengers glacier hiking and kayaking when not visiting the central town of Longyearbyen.
New Zealand Islands
New Zealand's unique positioning right above the Antarctic makes it ideal as a launching point for the remote islands below. The Antipodes, Snares, Auckland, and Campbell islands have all made the World Heritage list and are technically restricted to visitors. However, there's a loophole for passengers on a cruise excursion with geologists, naturalists, and other professionals doing work in the remote areas. Collectively, these islands have an abundance of flora and fauna with many species which can't be found anywhere else in the world. This is the perfect cruise destination for passengers with a penchant for wildlife encounters and breathtaking scenery.
Ryukyu Islands
Fortunately, not every remote cruise destination is bordering the Antarctic or Arctic. The Ryukyu Islands are an impressively long chain of Japanes islands that stretch between Taiwan and Japan's southern point. Passengers can reach these tropical islands from either Japanese or Hong Kong ports. Ishigaki is this island chain's most visited port where passengers can see WWII sites, bustling coral reefs, ancient Shinto shrines, and the Tamatorizaki Observatory. There are countless national parks throughout the Ryukyu Islands where visitors can kayak, hike, snorkel, or simply relax. These islands have beautiful sand beaches tucked between crystal blue waters and dense forests.

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