There's nothing more exciting for cruise enthusiasts than to look into their crystal balls and see what the future beholds for the industry. Realistically, there's no magic required as cruise companies have always made it a habit to reveal their upcoming ships to generate some hype for the next year. With an increase in competition and a growing demand from passengers, cruise liners have been pulling out all the stops to attract the spotlight. This means bigger ships, better destinations, and more activities onboard. Let's dive into the coolest cruise trips that are projected for 2020 so you don't have to worry about missing a beat.
Carnival Mardi Gras
Launch: August 2020
Mardi Gras is an appropriate name for a ship designed to be one of the largest at sea in terms of passenger capacity. Carnival's Mardi Gras liner is set to hold an impressive total of 6,600 passengers spread out amongst 5,200 berths. The ship will be split into six zones each with a distinct theme denoting the type of food, entertainment, and activities in the area. The Mardi Gras takes it's party theme to greater heights with the first ever roller coaster at sea. This ship will sport a slightly different design than it's current counterparts as an homage to the brand's first liner which ceased operation in 1993.
Celebrity Apex
Launch: April 2020
The Celebrity Apex takes elegance and refinement to another level with some never-before-seen cruise features. An elevator-like deck will be hung off the side of the ship with the ability to move in between decks 2 through 16. Nicknamed the Magic Carpet, this space also doubles as a bar and restaurant when desired. The all-new Resort Deck features two martini-shaped Jacuzzis and a large pool with sculptured trees. Passengers looking for a getaway can enjoy the aptly named Retreat area which boasts a serene restaurant with accompanying sundeck and lounge. The Celebrity Apex will have 2,900 berths.
Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady
Launch: April 2020
The iconic Virgin brand is extending its prowess to the cruise industry with the debut of the Scarlet Lady in 2020. The name was chosen to pay respects to the company's first airplane which held a similar title. With the Scarlet Lady, Virgin wanted to create a hotel on the sea that spared no expense for convenience and encouraging indulgence. As an adult-only ship, passengers must be at least 18-years-old to buy a ticket. Onboard, there's no risk of going hungry with 20 diverse places to eat and no extra dining fees. All tickets also include basic drinks such as water, soda, tea, and coffee. Taking notice of the current trend, Virgin has put an emphasis on sustainability with their maiden voyage by eliminating single-use plastics among a host of other environmentally friendly efforts.
P&O Cruise Iona
Launch: Spring 2020
P&O is aiming to make it into the "history books" in 2020 with their new Iona ship. While there will be larger liners sharing the ocean, Iona will be the biggest ship within the U.K. market. With a worldwide push for cleaner energy and more sustainability, P&O has designed Iona to run entirely on Liquefied Natural Gas. The ship's SkyDome is one of its central highlights. Passengers can enjoy the best of both worlds with stunning views of the sky while basking in the comfort of an indoor setting. Passengers will also love the Lanai deck that extends for half a mile along the ship. Iona will host 13 venues, 17 restaurants, and 12 bars.

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Ryukyu Islands
Fortunately, not every remote cruise destination is bordering the Antarctic or Arctic. The Ryukyu Islands are an impressively long chain of Japanes islands that stretch between Taiwan and Japan's southern point. Passengers can reach these tropical islands from either Japanese or Hong Kong ports. Ishigaki is this island chain's most visited port where passengers can see WWII sites, bustling coral reefs, ancient Shinto shrines, and the Tamatorizaki Observatory. There are countless national parks throughout the Ryukyu Islands where visitors can kayak, hike, snorkel, or simply relax. These islands have beautiful sand beaches tucked between crystal blue waters and dense forests.

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