Modern cruise ships are truly something to behold. With each year bringing about new innovations and impressive additions, it's no surprise why more and more people are turning to cruises as their ideal form of vacation. Long gone are the days when cruises only offered a few places to eat, a pool area, and good views. Today, it's not uncommon for ships to host over a dozen top-of-the-line restaurants, spa areas, world class entertainment, and more. With an increased focus on onboard attractions, cruise companies have been one-upping each other for the top spot. Here are some surprising cruise activities that you didn't know were a thing.
Surf Simulator
You don't have to be near a beach or behind a boat in order to catch some waves on a cruise. Royal Carribean's iconic surf simulator brings the ocean's waves to the top of a cruise ship. These massive simulators can reach up to 40-ft in height and produce a wave-like effect by shooting water up a curved surface. With soft padding throughout the simulator, you don't have to worry about falling. Whether you want to show off your skills with a surfboard or have some fun on a boogie board, both options are available free of charge. Grab your swimsuit and catch a wave without even touching the ocean.
Go-Kart Racing
It can be confusing at first to imagine one type of transportation directly on top of another. When you hop onto Norwegian Cruise Line's race track, however, everything will become clear. This two-level go-kart track in the center of the ocean can easily put any arcade or theme park track to shame. With unbeatable views and an impressive 833-ft of track, your attention will have a tough time deciding between the two. This Ferrari-styled track can host 10 passengers and features electric vehicles. It is currently the only race track on the open seas.
Jet-Powered Slide
Disney's Cruise Line has decided to take the standard pool slide to the next level by offering a jet-powered flume slide that wraps around the top deck. If powerful water jets weren't enough to get your adrenaline pumping, passengers are also provided with an inflatable raft to reach even higher speeds. As a fair warning to those with vertigo, a portion of the transparent flume juts out 150-feet over the sea for some jaw-dropping views. Save your descent for the nighttime when the flume illuminates the top deck with colorful lights.
Skydiving Simulator
Attention all adrenaline-junkies! You no longer have to board a plane to get that skydiving rush now that Royal Caribbean offers a skydiving simulator on some of their liners. Both the Quantum of the Seas and Anthem of the Seas sport a 23-foot glass enclosure on their first deck where you'll see people floating in midair. You'll have the chance to defy gravity without ever leaving the atmosphere with this attraction from RipCord. With an experienced professional accompanying you at all times, you can ditch those safety concerns quicker than you'll abandon basic physics on this exciting skydiving simulator.
Roller Coaster
Although there are many first-evers on this list, a roller coaster at sea is arguably the most exciting and surprising of them all. As if cruising through the air at break-neck speeds isn't thrilling enough, passengers now have the chance to do it 187 feet over the open ocean. To make the attraction suitable for all passengers, the cruise line as opted to give each participant the ability to control their own speed. Currently, Carnival's Mardi Gras ship is the first and only liner to offer this activity, although it wouldn't be surprising if others followed suit within the next few years.

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