Cruises seem like a rather straightforward and simple ordeal. You've got a massive boat, a crew, hundreds of passengers, lots of fun activities, and an open sea. What else is there? Well, more than you may have realized. There's more than meets the eye when it comes to cruise ships. From the complexity of running such a large operation to the sheer popularity of such a vacation, you're bound to run into some peculiarities. Here are some stunning facts you don't know about cruise ships.
Cruise ships don't have dentists onboard.
Unless you bump into a vacationing dentist at the cocktail bar, you're out of luck with a toothache on a cruise. Even though ships with over a dozen passengers are required to hire medical staff, dentists somehow didn't get included in the official roster. You'll still receive medical attention if it's warranted, but you'll need to wait for the next port to see a proper tooth doctor if there's a specific problem.
The average cruiser gains a pound during a trip.
If you're afraid to look in the mirror after an extended vacation, you're not alone. In fact, adults taking a cruise lasting from 1 to 3 weeks gain an extra pound of body fat on average. Who would've thought that the combination of open bars and unlimited buffets would have this effect? All joking aside, one pound isn't too bad considering all of the tasty treats constantly calling your name. And with plenty of activities to keep you up and moving, fighting off severe vacation poundage should be easy.
They're one of the safest forms of transportation.
Yes, you've seen plenty of news stories about horrific cruise ship accidents, but the statistics paint a much different picture than these extremes cases might suggest. In reality, cruise ships are one of the safest ways to travel. While the exact numbers aren't known due to a lack of industry-wide organization, the BBC explains how cruising is about as safe as flying and much more so than driving. So next time a relative chickens-out on a cruise trip and blames it on safety concerns, you've got a rebuttal!
Deck 13 is non-existent on some ships.
If you don't see a number 13 when taking the ship's elevator, don't panic. It's not the cocktails taking effect. Just like many hotels, some cruise ships decide to leave out the number 13 due to superstitious beliefs. Interestingly enough, other countries share similar cultural fears but associate it with different numbers. If you're taking a cruise in Italy you might not see a deck 17. Pretty crazy huh?
You can end up behind bars in the middle of the sea.
Cruise ships are designed with excitement and fun in mind, but a little too much unruly behavior could land you a short stint in the ship's very own prison. Each cruise ship is equipped with some variation of a holding cell to deal with guests who really get out of hand or to lock up those suspected of criminal behavior until reaching the next port. Add in a private security team and you can rest assured that cruises remain fairly safe.
Retiring on a cruise ship isn't just a dream.
If you have a passion for cruising and don't have your retirement plans locked down, how does spending your Golden Years at sea sound? Probably too good to be true! But some retirees have successfully ditched the retirement home for a more luxurious and appealing option: endless cruising. Some even claim that it's cheaper than paying for lodging in a nursing community. When choosing between white walls and an open ocean, we know what we'd go with!

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