Cruises offer a great opportunity for grandkids and grandparents to spend quality time together. Lifelong memories can be formed by visiting new places, experiencing new cultures, and enjoying all of the fun activities offered at sea. Without parents there to act as intermediaries, the skip in generations can be tough to handle at times. To help make the most out of your trip with your grandkids, let's explore some tips for bridging the generational gap at sea.
Choose a cruise that caters to younger ages.
Grandparents will be able to find something they like on any cruise. From world-class restaurants and classy bars to shuffleboard tournaments and spa treatments, most cruises include amenities and attractions catered to older individuals. The same can't be said when it comes to younger passengers, however. To ensure everyone on your trip can find something to enjoy, it's important to choose a cruise that makes an extra effort to cater to younger ages. Disney and Carnival Cruise Lines are among the most popular family-friendly options available right now.
Opt for kid-friendly dining options.
While that baked camembert or filet mignon would be just the thing to whet your appetite, your grandkids would probably turn up their noses at the sheer thought. While cruises have made an effort to diversify their food options in terms of health and ingredients in recent years, the staples which your kiddies love can still be found below deck. Burgers, hot dogs, fries, chicken tenders, and other hardy foods are served at standard cruise buffets. It might not be the buttered crab you're craving, but you should still be able to find something to fill you up.
Look for off-season deals.
Although cruises are an affordable alternative to more traditional traveling options, some grandparents might have second thoughts about the trip after looking at the price tag. If you're eager to take your grandkids on a trip but aren't comfortable with the cost, consider looking for off-season deals. Cruise lines typically offer significantly discounted rates during their slower times of the year to get their cabins filled up. The latter portion of summer and fall are some of the cheapest times to book. You'll probably be able to find a deal that lines up with one of your grandchildren's breaks from school.
Head to the pool for a break.
At times, the trip might feel more like babysitting depending on the age of your young ones. When you reach this point, head to the pool for some much-needed (and deserved) relaxation time. Your grandkids can continue burning their seemingly endless supply of energy while you bask in the sunlight and enjoy a light snack or early drink. If you hit the pool during a busy time, there should be enough kids around the same age to give your grandkids people to play with. Once you've regained your energy, you can hop in the pool too for a game of Marco Polo or a splashing battle.
Include your grandchildren in the planning process.
Giving your grandkids some say in the planning process is a great way to get them involved and excited about the trip from the beginning. You could narrow down some potential options beforehand, and then gather opinions from the youngsters. Learning about these new places together is a great way to spend time with your kids while ensuring that the trip sparks interest in their eyes as well. You could even assign each grandkid with their own research task. Allowing each grandkid to choose an activity or attraction onboard is another great way to boost anticipation.

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April, 22 / 2020
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