With billions of combined passengers per year, the airline and automotive industries have a large market share of vacation travel. Although the cruise industry is seeing a rise in popularity with over 28 million passengers each year, it is still seen by many as a less-than-ideal alternative for vacation. This stigma is often perpetuated due to a lack of familiarity with cruises rather than from people with first-hand experience. To help set the record straight, let's debunk some of the most popular cruise myths.
Myth #1: Cruises aren't safe.
Safety is priority number one for most vacation-goers; so when you can't turn on a news station without seeing a beached cruise ship, a general uneasiness develops that taints the entire industry. In reality, cruise liners are one of the safest forms of vacation travel. You're much more likely to meet an early fate by driving, flying, or taking a train. Despite the statistically small likelihood of a major issue, modern cruise ships are outfitted with sufficient security measures to make sure everyone onboard gets to safety.
Myth #2: There's an obnoxious party atmosphere.
Many families avoid cruise ships like the plague, fearing that these types of vacations attract party goers with a penchant for day drinking. While you will find the occasional passenger who can't seem to get enough of those tasty mojitos, cruises tend to practice the same serving restrictions as normal bars. Bartenders will cut-off patrons who end up drinking too much. If you really want to err on the safe side, you can opt for cruises with a longer duration or ones that avoid the classic "party" destinations.
Myth #3: There isn't enough to do onboard.
Some people are under the impression that cruise liners don't offer much more entertainment than archaic immigrant ships. You can rest assured that 21st century cruise ships have more forms of entertainment than you could possibly handle no matter the length of your trip. On any given cruise, you have the opportunity to see a Broadway play, surf on an artificial wave, relax in a hot tub, see a magic show, watch a movie, skydive, go fishing, rock climb, zipline, and much, much more. The only real limit to your vacation itinerary is your imagination.
Myth #4: The planned visits aren't culturally enriching.
Many avid travelers swear off cruises due to their perceived lack of cultural enrichment. As with any form of vacation, cruises can be as culturally immersive as you make them. Although your time at each port is limited, there are more than enough excursions and opportunities to experience the local culture. There is no obligation to stay with the large groups and see the typical 'touristy' sites. While you're welcome to wander off on your own, there are some cruises that offer more unique and memorable getaways such as a trip to local markets with the chef or a regional experience with local families.
Myth #5: Cruises cater to older crowds.
While there are some specific cruises catered towards the elderly, a vast majority have activities for all age ranges. On most cruises, you'll find a healthy mix of families, young couples, single individuals, and seniors. A recent survey actually found that millennials are showing a greater eagerness to take cruises than older generations, a result that goes against the grain of traditional thinking. Due to this shift and a growth in buying power, more cruise ships are starting to cater to younger generations when choosing ports of call, activities, and attractions onboard.
Myth #6: There's no time to sit and relax.
Think of cruises like a smorgasbord of activities from which you can select as many or as few as you like. Your enjoyment is the only measure by which you should judge your itinerary. If you fancy a day full of activities to make the most of your vacation, go for it! If not, there's always a sunny spot, clear pool, and reclining chair for those who would rather take the time for a much-needed break. Cruises are a playground for all ages with a wide range of activities to keep everyone happy and entertained, no matter your preferences.

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